Oct 9th at Nerdvana in Reno

First Official Playtest for card game Bugyo!


Battle Board Games will be hosting an official Playtest at Nerdvana!

Battle Board Games, Reno's first board studio, will be holding our first official Playtest for our card game, Bugyo at Nerdvana in Reno! Want to check out the game? The creators of the game will be at Nerdvana on Saturday, Oct 9th. Details released soon. Join us on Discord for more details. https://discord.gg/9ekp4DvQ5y



Each of our tournaments will be held at a different venue and have different prizes. Stay tuned to our pages for more announcements


We will be posting all our updated schedules on this website as well as Facebook for future events


We will be hosting one Learn-to-Play workshop before every tournament so you can get the inside scoop on the game's details!

Official Kickstarter Trailer Announcement

Battles of the Daimyo

We will be going to Kickstarter soon! Here is an overview of our game's components. We are proud to say that the voice acting was done by a Japanese individual with real Samurai lineage!

Register Here

Click here to go to our event registration section. You will only have to apply once for our events, but stay tuned for more events which you can easily register for!

Quick FAQ for those new to Battle Board Games!

Here are answers to a few of the many questions we have received so far

We are a local board game publishing company based in Reno, NV! The games we create focus on historical locations and famous figures from those eras. You create your own strategy to defeat your opponent.

Our first ever board game to be released is Battles of the Daimyo, one of the first historically medieval Japanese turn-based battle simulation board game that uses collectible cards, miniatures, and a game board

We have created a simple registration system for you to take part in all the events we will host!

All you need to do is sign up once, but each event will have a very easy registration process. Please be aware this is a new custom coded registration system so let us know if you have any issues.

You are more than welcome to come by and watch our tournaments! Our business will be following all COVID guidelines to keep everyone safe at each of our venues.

If you don't want to play in a tournament, but are curious about the game, we will host Learn-to-Play workshops where you can get an idea about what the game is about and play casually